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Chat Live with PSYCHIC LOVE AND LIFE - Psychic Reading and Intuitive Behavior in San Diego today. 29 years of practice and competence in Intuitive Behavior.


Intuitive psychic reading in love and relationships. Accurate and compassionate spirit guided answers.Non Judgmental.

I will ask you a few questions to establish a connection with you. Once that has happened we will then go into hire mode. During hire mode I will go into details about what you need to know and maybe some things you did not expect. Please know that everything I tell you is based on divine information from my Guides; not my personal opinion. I am 100% non-judmental and aim to offer support so that you can make informed decisions in your life path. I will always tell you the truth with compassion and understanding, but at the times the messages I receive might not be the answers you are looking for. Everyone has free will and my aim is to help you to create a better future through living in the present and making the best of your life now.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a true born Psychic and come from a tradition of Religion and Spirituality. At a young age I was told I would be helping others and since then have atuned my Divine given Powers through study and development courses. My gift is God given and I seek to share this Blessing and Empower all those that I come into contact with to lead a more fulfilled life, where you can always create a more Positive outcome. I have been on Liveperson for over 4 years, often available 7 days a week. Please, take time to read my feedback and you will see I have many repeat customers. I hope to welcome you to my circle of friends here on LP soon. Be blessed always.

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I have completed many studies on love and relationships as well as meditation and I have a Bachelor's In Metaphysics!

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