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About Spiritual Advisor Allyson's Services:

I can help confirm things your intuition is telling you and am able to empower you to follow your intuition and heart to make the best decisions for you in all areas of life.

I am a skilled Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, I am also a mental and emotional intuitive; I am also a practicing Mahayana Buddhist, though my readings are not biased by religion. I do lead meditations from time to time.

My readings consist of reading a person’s emotions and I use the tarot or oracle cards to make sure that I’m looking at things objectively, and not just going by what emotions I may feel from you.

However, I am not listed under PSYCHIC READING, as I rely on the card spread more.

I don’t just tell you what you want to hear, because holding on to something may not be there anymore is not good for you. If I see a bad outcome, or a lot of obstacles, I will tell you. I am not a fortune teller, so I do focus on the past and present in the reading, as well as the future I do this because the way you do things presently can affect the future. Sometimes there is not a prediction as my readings are not about the future.

The Choice Centered approach I use will allow you to change things in your life. Also, there are times where the reading is not a straight yes or no answer. I will advise you if this happens. I read on most subjects, except for Legal and Medical Matters.

Important Note: If you are confused about something during or after the reading, I do provide 1 Free follow up email for clarification purposes that is of no charge to you. I do not ever want a client to leave confused. So please feel free to ask through email or during the session if you don’t understand something in your reading. I have your best interest in mind and I do respect you greatly and do not want you to waste your time or money.

Style of Reading

I do my readings with either the Quest Tarot Deck, Ask Your Guides Oracle Deck, or The Witches Tarot Deck, depending on which deck I feel more connected with at the time I do your reading.

I do the little white book meaning of each card which consists of 4 keywords for that card, plus my interpretation of the card, which can vary depending where the card is in the spread, and it’s relation to your situation, and other cards in the spread as well. I don’t just use generic or automated meanings that don’t apply to your situation. If you would like I can just do a summary of the card without the card name or keywords. All you have to do is ask.

Pre-Hire Time (Due to Liveperson terms of service this is for First-time clients only) as a first-time client you get 3 minutes free. This time is used to exchanges greetings, to get the first name of you and anyone that you are asking about. I will also ask you what you want the reading to focus on. I must reiterate that I provide Tarot readings, which is why I’m not listed in the Psychic Reading category. Here are some tips to get the best Tarot Reading possible: When reading the tarot, phrasing the question correctly is extremely important. I do readings with very little information from you as stated in my reviews, but I will need 1-2 sentences about the situation to phrase the question correctly. I will then say a tarot invocation, shuffle the cards and I am usually able to get at least the first card in before the automatic hire kicks in.

I offer a 3 card, 6 card, and a 1 year overview spread. A 3 card spread is used as a quick overview and for yes and no type readings. A 6 card is for more in-depth situations such as relationships.

Experience & Qualifications

Tarot Advisor since June 2008, currently use the Thoth Tarot Deck, Witches Tarot Deck and Quest Tarot Deck.
Intern at various social service organizations.
Currently practice as a meditation leader and reiki healer.


Constantly studying and have studied various subjects related to spirituality and psychology and medicine and natural healing.
Usui Reiki Master attuned by Teresa Huddleston-Garcia

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